Alchemical Black Sun

The Black Sun is the Chemical Wedding of the yin and the yang. It is the sun behind the sun, and up until recently, it was believed this was symbolic rather than actual. However, in recent decades, it has been discovered that our Sun orbits another star! Yes, it has been proven there is a sun behind our sun; related to it but hidden from us. The funny thing is, though, that what our sun orbits is the central point of our galaxy, so it’s not just one star, but rather a cluster of stars and energy. What this tells us magically is that the black sun so often spoken of in occult literature is actually stronger than the sun that is known and studied, yet through the union of both within us, we condense and focus the energy of the black sun through our regular sun that shines in daily life. Isn’t that interesting?

— The Reverend Bill Duvendack